National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

California Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Genealogical Research System (GRS)  This link will take you directly into the DAR search system. You need not be a member to use these records.  An overview of the different databases available and how to use them are provided.

The “Descendants” tab will allow you to see the proven genealogical lineages as written.  In most cases, the DAR will accept a reference to any application as documentation; you do not need to order the record copy to see the genealogy. Ordering a record copy will, however, allow you to see what proof was used.

Roots Web  The "Family Tree" tab will let you browse the notes and research uploaded by millions of users.  The trees themselves are not proof of anything, and there are errors; however, you may find valuable clues.

Family Search  Looking under the “Search Records” tab ­for “Record Search Pilot” will take you to records and/or actual documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. Everything found here is acceptable documentation for the DAR.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land Grant or Land Purchase Records  Records and images of original papers for people with land grants or purchases from the Federal Government. Purchases between private individuals are not included.  Search for “Land Patents.”

Cemetery Readings and Records Find-A-Grave  Volunteer cemetery readings, sometimes with photos and notes. Please note that the headstone record is considered documentation of the date of death, not location (body may have been moved). Additional notes are not considered acceptable documentation but may be valuable clues in your search.

Federal Cemetery Records  As with Find-A-Grave, federal cemetery records are proof of date of death and place of burial but are not proof of place of death.

Death Indexes  You will find links to sites in each state.  Most of these records (obituaries, coroners' reports) are death related and, in some cases, death certificates may be found.

GenWeb  Select a state and find the county in which you wish to do research. These sites are run by volunteers, and the quality varies.  Some counties may have images of all land records available, or of will transcriptions; other counties may not have such complete records.