Our Patriot Ancestors

The men and women listed below assisted the cause of freedom during the American Revolution. Some served in the military, some served as public officials, some signed oaths of loyalty to the new government, and some donated supplies to help the Armed Forces. Each of the patriots listed is the ancestor of a member of the Center of the Valley Chapter. We honor their service and keep their memories alive.

Alvord, Gideon

Aylesworth, Judiah RI

Bartlett, Wyman MA

Brooks, James G

Burroughs, Norman MD

Clark, Thomas MA

Codding, Samuel MA

Dabbs, Nathaniel NC

Davis, Barnabas CT

Dent, George MD

Finnell, Charles VA

French, Micah MA

Gorton, George RI

Halsey, Abraham NJ

Hoyle, John NC

Israel, John NC

Jackman, Humphrey NH

Keeler, Nehemiah, CT

Keeler, Jr., Samuel CT

Kissinger, Mathias VA

Livingston, Jacob NY

Lyman, John CT

Mann, Sr., Jacob VA

Mann, Jr., Jacob VA

Markley, Henry PA

Nichols, Reuben RI

Rhodes, Henry PA

Roberts, Cornelius VA

Traylor, Sr., William VA

Tuttle, Solomon VT

Tyler, Stephen MA

Valentine, George PA

Vaughn, Caleb RI

Wagner, George NY

Wallace, Thomas PA

Webster, Stephen CT

Watkins, Nathan MA

Wellington, John MA

Whipple, Benajah RI

Willcutt, Zebulon MA